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About Under Lock & Key

  • Under Lock & Key has been providing professional locksmith services to residential and commercial properties in Winnipeg and surrounding areas since 2002.

    Scott Bergen, owner/operator is a professionally trained locksmith with over fifteen years industry experience. The company provides and services all types of keys, key systems, locks and doors. Under Lock & Key is a mobile service.

    We have built our reputation on delivering accurate price quotes, providing best quality service and products, staying on budget and delivering on time.



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  • Scott Bergen

Key Service

  • Rekeying rental properties, recently bought homes and businesses

    Previous owners, neighbours, ex spouses, kids and their friends may have keys to your home. Past employees may have keys to your offices and former tenants may have keys to your rental properties. Rekeying your locks ensures that only you and your designated key-holders are the only ones with keys to your property. Under Lock & Key will give you an honest, accurate opinion regarding your home security and provide prompt, quality service on any work that needs to be done.

  • Implementing new master key systems or working with existing key systems

    A master key system will allow you to have one key that opens all doors, while providing individual keys that will only open specific doors. This type of system give you control as to who can access what areas of your home, property or business Under Lock & Key are experts in master key systems, we make sure the job is done properly and that each key only opens the door it was designated to open. Call us for more information or for a price quote.

  • Supplying restricted key systems for suite doors or common doors

    A restricted key system will allow only your designated key-holders the ability to get copies of a key made. If a person does not have the required approval they will not be able to make copies. Some restricted key systems also offer high security features, making them pick and drill resistant. This is a great feature for areas where high security is needed. Under Lock & Key can help you decide on the best key system for your needs.

Lock Service

  • Repairing or replacing locks on main entry doors of apartment blocks

    When your keys get sloppy, and hard to turn it means the cylinders are wearing out and most likely need to be replaced. Old and worn cylinders compromise your tenants' security.

    We can repair or replace mortise latch locks and panic bars on front doors, as well as servicing electric strikes which are used in card access and intercom systems.

    Under Lock & Key will come out to your commercial property and repair or replace the locks as needed. Cylinders can be keyed to match existing keys, or new keys can be issued on site.

    Under Lock & Key features Abloy high security cylinders and locks which are among the best on the market. They are both pick resistant and drill resistant. Your tenants' security is important - make sure you control who can get keys to your property.

    *Note on deadbolt replacement: Beware of deadbolts sold in the big box stores. Many brands are lowering their quality, but not their prices. We sell a line of deadbolts that are comparable in price to the big box stores, but much better quality.

Door Service

  • Picture of a door

    Under Lock & Key specializes in door repair, replacement,
    and maintenance.

  • Add door wraps and strike plates

    Don't be an easy target for thieves. Lock quality does make a difference. Install door wraps and strike plates (8" or larger) for your deadbolt to greatly increase the strength of your doorway.

    When it comes to home and office security, call the experts at Under Lock & Key.

    Repair/replace doors and frames for homes and businesses

    Old wood doors, hollow doors, or warped doors should be replaced to increase energy savings and security. Door frames need to be solid and secure when replacing a door.

    Under Lock & Key will help you determine whether or not your existing frame needs replacing. If the frame is sound we can install a new door into the existing frame.

    There are many styles of wood, steel and fibreglass doors to choose from and we will help you select the best locking system for whatever door you choose to install.

  • Add a keyless entry system

    If you don't want to carry around a lot of keys Digital deadbolts and doorknobs are becoming more and more popular, and have come a long way since they came on the scene a few years ago.

    Popular models to choose from are Schlage and Emtek. These are reliable, well built products with a good track record. We carry the eplex 5000 digital door doorknob used in commercial applications, an excellent product providing years of trouble free operation. Emtek also makes a very good quality residential gripset that is available with a digital deadbolt.

    Remove and replace door closers and weather stripping

    Worn out door closers will leak oil and slam the door. When this happens they need to be replaced.

    Old and worn weather stripping can be the cause of major heat loss through doorways. We can replace your old weather stripping and save you money on your heating bill.